23rd - 26th May


Simultaneous switch up
of two restaurants: 

Bali, Indonesia – Amsterdam, Holland

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Two chefs 12,000 km apart switching it up

Exchanging hemispheres, restaurants and lives

One week for a two-way takeover

This is Trading Spaces

The rules are simple:

Each chef travels to their new, temporary environment with no ingredients, recipes and with only a few helping hands.

They will soak up the local culture before eventually preparing their signature menu at their new restaurant.

Guests can anticipate an unforgettable culinary adventure.


May 23 – 26, 2019
Hours of operation
Lunch | Thursday to Sunday
Dinner | Thursday to Saturday

RIJKS in Bali

Locavore in Amsterdam

“Since our last visit in 2017 we have been plotting how to evolve a guest chef idea and do something even more special. Trading Spaces certainly shakes up the concept because it’s never been done and a challenging idea – The perfect formula for a rock n roll style event! We’re super excited to bring Locavore to Amsterdam again. Chef Joris will have such a good time bringing RIJKS® to Bali too, everyone is really pumped to experience this.” ~ Eelke

Meet the team…

Joris & Yascha

(RIJKS, Amsterdam)

Ray & Eelke

(Locavore, Bali)

“Guest chef events have brought beautiful memories and knowledge to RIJKS®. After 4 years of experience we are ready to push our boundaries to stimulate our creativity and give our guest an even more unique experience with Trading Spaces.” ~ Joris

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